A lifestyle brand dedicated to supporting ocean conservation awareness
Know About TH2O Gear

About Us

The TH2O™ brand was created to continue the worldwide awareness oceanic movement through beautiful artwork, photography and designs that will educate and promote the health of our marine wildlife and environment.

The TH2O™ brand also represents a global movement of divers, surfers, fishermen, paddlers, beach-lovers and anyone who has passion for the water. 

What We Do

Our talented team of artists create original artwork that channels nature’s creative life force from oceanic canvases utilizing photography to express their artistic vision.

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Th2O Gear Missions
TH2O Gear Missions

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – for all to adopt the “ghost” mentality when in or around our fragile oceans. This means respecting the sustainability of our wondrous and beautiful sea without allowing our presence to influence or affect the marine environment.

While we have great passion for all water related activities, we feel it is extremely important to not leave any trace. As such, part of our mission includes inspiring a deeper connection with nature and the motivation to act responsibly.